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Bride and Groom are heroes!

Friday, February 26th, 2010

I just read the best story. Adam Hatfield and Julie Brockman were having pre-ceremony shots taken on a sunny spot overlooking the Mississippi River in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. They didn’t notice a little girl walking on the levee path with her grandfather. But suddenly they heard the grandfather shouting the little girl’s name and the photographer began running toward the sound. Adam took off running as well and when he and the phtographer, Russ Konrad, got to the levee wall they could see the grandfather in the water, six feet below. He had grabbed the girl and was keeping her afloat while treading water. Adam yelled to Julie to go get help so she took of running in her wedding dress, 3′ train and 2″ heels. The two men were attempting to pull the grandfather and the child to safety when a passing jogger that Julie had stopped, reached down to help. A policeman arrived shortly and, in the meantime, the girl and her grandfather had been wrapped in the white sheet that the photographer had brought to protect Julie’s gown from the grass. After they had warmed back up the grandfather hurried home with his granddaughter.

You can imagine how surprised the bridesmaids and groomsmen were when they came for the session. Apparently the bride had been stressing earlier over all the last-minute details but now was totally calm. Helping to save someone’s life had put everything into perspective for her.

I trust something this drastic won’t happen to any of our brides but the lesson is the same: Keep your wedding plans in perspective and remember to be aware of what’s going on with everyone else around you. That will make all the events surrounding your wedding lots more fun for everyone.

Kudos to Adam and Julie and many blessings on their marriage.