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Sticker Shock

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

We sent out a survey to the brides this weekend.  We asked them for their comments and this is one we received back. I don’t know who sent it since the answers are anonymous,but I wanted to address it.  This bride wanted to see “More reasonably priced vendors of all types. I left feeling completely defeated about being able to even have any type of wedding due to the expenses of the vendors presented.” I can completely sympathize with the bride who wrote this and I imagine her thoughts are shared by a lot of brides.  But the good news is that I think we can help!  Yes, if you go to all the booths and see the incredible array of items and services and start adding things up in your head you are going to be completely discouraged. But here’s a great strategy that will work for you:  When you are sitting down with pencil and paper in hand, determining your budget, at the same time decide what your priorities are.  Maybe you don’t care about the flowers much – you’d be happy carrying some zinnias from your Aunt’s garden.  So you can take most of what you might have budgeted for flowers and move it to photography if that’s a big priority for you.  Or maybe you want the church sanctuary filled with flowers but want to have a minimum of photos, just something to chronicle the day.  Every facet of your wedding doesn’t have to have the same emphasis.  Think about what is going to give you and your guests the most pleasure that day.

And be sure to ask your favorite wedding professional, even though you think their prices are way beyond your reach, if they have any options that are more affordable.  Lynn Wheatly at Lasting Impressions does some really high-end weddings.  But she also has something called Bride in a Box that is great!  Wedding experts like to showcase their most elaborate work of course, because they are artists and love creating the most beautiful, over-the-top creations they can.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t scale back some or even alot.  They really want to help you make it your perfect day.